Century Game Park Bison


Discover the Magesty of These Beautiful Bovines

Conscientious Bison producers like Century Game Park are bringing this magnificent animal back from the brink of extinction to great numbers seen today.

Visitors can see first hand this splendid hump backed animal grazing as it did in prehistoric times when it was hunted and worshiped by nomadic tribes of ancient ancestry. Although more compact then its primordial roots the mystique still prevails in the forceful character of these bearded bovines.

Bison Trivia

Bison, also known as buffalo, are extremely large animals with a thick dark brown mane. Their humped shoulders and surprisingly short legs are covered with coarse hair. Bison also have long tails with a furry end, called a tuft. Male bison are called bulls and have large, square-shaped necks, while females have smaller, rounder necks and are referred to as cows. With their thick coat; they are able to stay warm in our cold winters; and then shed them to stay cool in the summer months.

Did you know that a Bison's eyesight is quite bad? They make up for it with their exceptional hearing and sense of smell. In fact, a bison can smell an animal three kilometers away. To protect themselves, they have Short, black horns jut out from the bison's massive head; and they use them to defend against predators.